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4.5mm faceted sapphire / Size 3 - Lithotherapie Bracelet



8mm Labradorite Stone Bracelet, Size 1


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Origin: Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Burma ...

Blue color.

Etymology: from the ancient Greek "sappheiros" meaning blue colored stone, from the Hebrew "sappir" meaning the most beautiful thing.

History: Used as a celestial and divine symbol since ancient times. 6th chakra stone.

Virtues: stone of wisdom, love and purity. Increases discernment, increases mental clarity and elasticity, facilitates expression, connects to wisdom and spirituality. Beneficial to stomach, back pain, nausea, bleeding, infections, hair loss, skin, eyesight and insomnia.

Anecdote: synthetic sapphire is used for its great resistance in armored windows.

Purification / recharging: a few hours in demineralized water possibly slightly salty / moon.


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