Malachite 6mm - Lithotherapie Bracelet



6mm Malachite Stone Bracelet


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Origin: Congo, Australia, Brazil ...

Color: green with light and dark convoluted bands.

Etymology: from the Greek "malaché" meaning soft (in ancient Greece designated mallow, a calming plant).

History: Used since ancient times for medicinal, cosmetic and decorative purposes. 4th chakra stone

Virtues: very powerful stone of protection, emotional refocusing and transformation. Absorbs pollution. Increases intuitions and understanding, stimulates dreams and memories. Reduces cramps (menstrual, muscle), facilitates childbirth, decreases tissue acidity (inflammation, sprain, rheumatism, arthritis, osteoarthritis), beneficial to the health of the pancreas and pituitary gland.

Anecdote: Used in ancient Egypt to apply eye makeup to prevent eye infections. Still used in cosmetics today.

Purification / recharging: a few hours in unsalted demineralized water / sunlight or natural light.


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